‘N in Scrabble’ / Other Po-et-ry

I’ve removed the 29 poem-posts of work from my pamphlet N in Scrabble (OtHeRwIsE uNpUbLiShEd PoEmS oct 2019 – march 2020) as it’s now published / available in the form of a PDF here. Five poems have been removed and another from the same period added.

Soon there will be a pamphlet, and somewhat later a collection, available in print from presses other than Soviet District / my own self-publication. I also have individal poems forthcoming in places I’ll link to as and when they appear there. I know that sounds vague but everybody’s publication schedule has gone off-kilter so there’s no point saying ‘this will be published in July’ if that’s unlikely to happen (I’m not sure what’s going on with Mineral no. 4, for example, in which I’ll have a piece as mentioned in a previous post).

On a related note in the next few weeks I’ll be putting out an insistent call for submissions to Pragma, with more detail of what the thing wants to be and what we’re looking for, as well as directly soliciting work from a few people and of course getting around to reading through what’s been recieved thus far.

Thank you for reading. Don’t die. Abolish the police.

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